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Everyone has a story to tell. Discovering our purpose in this world is a blessing and the greatest gift to the world. The Amanda Nothando Show is where untold stories are told and unheard stories are heard. It's a safe, vulnerable and powerful place to use your voice and activate people's dreams. So if you feel you're ready to share your story with the rest of the world and aspire to  inspire someone through your journey, feel free to click on the "Be On The Show" button shown on the top right corner of our website. Share "a glimpse" of your story and why you'd like to be on the show. It's as simple as do re mi. Remember, your voice can activate someone else's dream.



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The Amanda Nothando Show

The Amanda Nothando Show

Amanda Nothando Show Season 5 COMING SOON!!!

Amanda Nothando Show Season 4 Finale

Ep# 20.4 w/Aura Ariko | Musical Artist

Ep# 19.4 w/Jeanne Lehman | President of Black Canadian Women in Action

The Amanda Nothando Show on Play Afrika TV

We're pleased and excited to announce to you that The Amanda Nothando Show has found another home for you to enjoy the show. On July 1st, 2020, Play Afrika TV will be launching and we're greatly humbled to be having a slot on this new platform, among other talented creatives, for you to watch our show. It is our hope that you'll continue to enjoy our show as we expand to addressing real life issues, with real people, while activating people's dreams. Please subscribe to Play Afrika TV and get to enjoy fresh stories, new faces, news voices, all on one platform.

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