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For every strong woman who is open minded, independent and uses social media..

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

If you have curves, you are fat. If you don’t, then you are flat. If you wear make-up you are fake. If you don’t you are not a high society woman. If you dress up, you are a show off. If you don’t bother, you have no sense of style. If you speak your mind, you are rude. If you say nothing, you have an attitude problem. If you cry sometimes, you are a Drama Queen. If you don’t you are emotionless. If you have many guy friends, you are cheap. If you don’t, you are not straight . If you have guy friends on fb and update your pics then you are of no character, if you wear western dresses, you are not a good woman. If you stand-up for yourself you are disrespectful. It’s like you can’t do anything these days without being labeled, so why bother! Re-post this, if you are proud of who you are.📷📷:-) Be unapologetically yourself.

BEAUTIFUL is the woman who: leads her own path, protects those she loves, works hard and is unapologetically herself.

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