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Thankful || In Loving Memory

Twelve years still feel like it was only yesterday. Thank you for being a super dad the best way you knew how. Thank you for leaving your mark in this world, everyone knew you for your joyfulness and bluntness at the same time. Thank you for teaching me to be responsible - being organized in my closet especially, cooking, cleaning, and tidying the house. Thank you for showing me the greatest love a father could ever give his daughter, even when I thought you were being hard on me. I didn't understand then but I'm super grateful I do now. Thank you for believing in my dreams and allowing me to dream. Thank you for teaching me to not follow the crowd and just be myself. Thank you for allowing me to take care of you when you could no longer take care of yourself. You fought a great fight and I know it wasn't easy for either of us. You were and still are the best in my heart.

You're greatly missed Alexander The Great 😔❤🙏🏾 04.04.07

A man known for always being in suits, real exquisite suits.

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